Ladies, this one is for you. Listen closely, sex is NOT a CHORE! Stop treating it that way.

So many times we have seen a married couple portrayed as the husband wanting sex and the wife continually acting annoyed because of it. Picture it, the husband and wife are laying down in bed and the husband tries to initiate sex with the wife. The wife turns to him, rolls her eyes and say “You’re kidding, right?”. That is not healthy. That is not funny. That is not marriage. STOP doing that.” – MELISSA RUFF

Jay and I frequently talk about the fact that your marriage needs to be a priority above your kids, your jobs, your hobbies, etc. I love the way Melissa Ruff says it in an article she wrote for XXX Church.

She uses marriage and spouse interchangeably in her rant. However I think for a healthy mindset we need to distinguish the two. Your husband must be your priority about the kids, the jobs, the hobbies. This is a subtle difference yet a huge one! Many of us could say “ my marriage is my priority” yet still not make our husband a priority. We make our husband a priority by meeting their needs whatever they might be.

The mindset of sex being a chore is one I find frequently in the minds of married women. We can make our marriage a priority by setting aside date nights, getting marriage education regularly, getting away for a couples getaway YET still not make our husband a priority. When it comes to meeting the needs of our husband we have allowed our children, our jobs, our hobbies to zap us of energy needed. We have to set aside not only time but emotionally energy in order to make our husband a priority.

This takes planning ahead and saying no to some good thing in our lives in order to yes to the best. The average man needs sexual release every 72 hours, that is every 3 days! So when you think your man is acting a little “testy” check the last time you met his need! Plan ahead and make it happen!