God created us male and female. We have been created in His image, equal, yet different. As a woman, you have been uniquely created by God who gave you gifts and abilities different than the men in your life. I firmly believe that God uniquely created woman to be mother- and motherhood is the mother of all jobs!

However, so many of us question whether we are really cut out for this!? Having kids strikes a bit of fear in us doesn’t it? Am I going to be good mother? What if they do something wrong, will it be my fault? Will I ruin them for life?

When you start doubting your ability to be the mother God created you to be, just keep in mind three secrets for mothers!

Secret 1: Laugh

We have to keep laughing! Sometimes, as moms, we are so hard and fast with our rules; life is so busy running kids here and there,that we forget to laugh! The Bible, in Proverbs 17:22, tells us that laughter is like good medicine.  When we laugh, we are releasing into our bodies endorphins, which are a natural opiate. So when in doubt don’t reach for Advil, instead give yourself a good belly laugh! Make laughter a part of your home environment. Take time to laugh at dinner. Watch funny movies together. Laugh together with your husband and your kids!

Secret 2: Listen

God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason! Now I know that the more children you have the harder it is to listen! It does take time and focus which can be a hot commodity in a family! Find times to listen- on the drive to and from school, or activities. Listen at bedtime. Sometimes bedtime is when they want to talk. Yes they are stalling from sleep, but you might hear some great nuggets. Make special dates with your kids to focus on each, one at a time!

“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff. “
~Catherine M. Wallace~

Secret 3: Love

Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the Five Languages of Love, changed the way we think of love. He encourages us to discover our love language, how we give and receive love.  Our spouse has a love language as well as our kids. When we speak their love language, we love them well.

This might be hard for you to conceptualize, but the best thing you can do for your kids, is to love your spouse!  Let your kids know how much you love their father! Kids who know that their parents love each other are healthy and happy kids.

Here is a word from a mom who has gone before you!

“You will not always do it right, you will screw up, you are not supermom…but there is grace and forgiveness! Pick yourself up and try it again! There is not perfection in this world only progress!”

Motherhood is the mother of all jobs, but you have been uniquely created to fulfill the job!

Are you interested in being a part of a unique opportunity to create memories with your daughter?!?

This June we are hosting our very first mother-daughter conference at the Grand Hotel. Join us for Memories on Mackinac!

I (Laura) would like to personally invite you toMemories on Mackinac – a Mother Daughter Event at Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island! Mothers and Daughters of all ages are invited to this one-of-a-kind event at this one-of-a-kind location June 28-29, 2015 as my daughters Grace, Shana (the newest addition to the family married to my son, Torrey) and I host a women’s event where you will make memories on Mackinac.

There is a special bond between a mother and daughter and I and want to help you Celebrate that relationship.  From the moment you step off the ferry until the clip clop of the horse drawn carriages fades away, you will be creating fabulous memories that will last a lifetime!

Get all the details at www.MemoriesOnMackinac.com