BJ Foster of All Pro Dad tells the story of when he was eight years old, his mom was frying some hamburgers on the stove.

She stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and when she returned a grease fire had started. She quickly put the pan in the sink, hoping to extinguish the fire by turning on the faucet. They both learned what happens when water hits a grease fire. The fire exploded up and spread to the curtains. Eventually, she was able to get the fire out by throwing the curtains on the floor and stomping it out. The way to put out a grease fire is to eliminate the oxygen feeding it.

Foster reminds us that a marital fight is a lot like a grease fire…

A quick, heated response can quickly make hurt feelings and frustrations escalate and explode into something worse, even when there are good intentions.

Choosing to speak calmly with controlled emotions can effectively diffuse an argument, and possibly save your marriage.