There is something only you can give your spouse.

Besides the obvious, you are the only spouse available to ENCOURAGE them!

To encourage literally means to “give them courage.”

What do you do to encourage your spouse?

Just think…

the words you offer have the potential to push your husband or wife over the finish line on any given day…

or to climb any mountain that stands in front of him or her.

The power of encouragement was made so clear when I (Laura) watched Jay coach our men’s church league basketball team.

Jay wasn’t great at getting the ball through the rim himself… but he loved praising team members anytime one of them did something right.

By the end of each game, Jay’s voice was almost gone! But the hearts of his teammates were healthy and strong.

And your spouse is no different!

Each of us longs to receive encouragement. The kind of high-five that helps us soar… especially from the person closest to us.

Find out what words and actions uniquely encourage your spouse by asking them. Then start using those words and actions to give them courage today!