Watching TV is one way Jay and I wind down at the end of a busy day. One of our favorite shows to watch is House Hunters. We love to see the houses in different cities across the country. We love commenting on how selfish some of these people are, of course believing we are above that!

However one feature that seems to be a priority on every house hunters list is double sinks. We don’t get it!? Let me be more clear – double sinks in the master bath. We have a master bath with a single sink and we actually enjoy the sharing of this sink. We like bumping into each other, dancing around the sink, and spitting on each other! Think of all the fun we would miss with each having our own sink!

This is just me but I am not a fan of the huge master bathrooms where you could both be in there and not even be aware of each other! Marriage is about give and take. Sharing a sink is just one way we give and take-spit and all. Now don’t be offended if you love your double sinks- this is just my take on sinks and bathrooms!

We would love to hear from you and your thoughts on sinks!