Knowing when to seek Godly counsel is simple really. It has to do with recognizing the ways you deal with conflict as a couple.

Conflict, dealt with in a healthy way, is not inherently bad for our relationships.

What is really bad for relationships is when we DON’T deal with conflict.

Issues that are consistently left unresolved in a marriage will pile up, turning into resentment between spouses. It’s like living on a short fuse. We can get set off so easily.

All it takes is a match to burn the whole house down.

We must keep short accounts, and deal with our disagreements promptly.

If this describes your relationship, don’t be slow in asking for help…

Seek Godly counsel.

Counseling sheds light on how you function as a couple, so you can understand conflict and how to respond. It also gives you tools to resolve your differences in a productive way.

Getting help doesn’t mean that somebody is in sin or that your marriage is falling apart. It means that you are putting your marriage first, no matter what.

Get over your ego, and get yourself some Godly counsel. You won’t regret it.

Ready to seek a Godly counselor?

Here is a good place to begin: