I (Jay) play in golf scrambles with a flat bellied 30 something named Ryan.  I’m the “safety” guy. I tee off first. My job is to put the ball in play so the flat bellies can let it rip. And when it comes to putting I’m “The Closer” because I can roll the ball very well and if my team mates give me three good looks at a putt…well let’s just say they keep inviting me back for a reason. The first time I played with with this group we shot 19 under par.  We had 8 eagle putts….

The most amazing shot of the day came from Ryan.  We were looking at a 340 yard par 4.  It was uphill and into a 20mph wind. Ryan hit a laser shot that wound up on the green…AMAZING! The reason I love playing in golf Scrambles with “The Kids” is because I know my role on the team.  I don’t have to pretend to be anything that I’m not, I have three roles:

  1. Put my tee shot in play
  2. Make putts no one else can
  3. Keep the mood light

Our golf team works because everyone knows their role! The same can be true in a good marriage!  Roles in marriage however should never be determined solely by gender. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to birth a baby! And in our house Laura NEVER cleans up vomit.  She has a gag reflex when she hears or sees someone vomiting which results in Laura tossing her cookies! In good marriages personality and gifting help a couple determine who fills what role. Remember you and your spouse are a team!  When you determine roles based on personality and gifting it allows your “team” to SCORE!