I (Jay) challenge men all over the country to start a new habit once in a while that will have a positive impact on their marriage.

(From Laura) Jay is living proof that the cliché is wrong. You can teach an old dog new tricks. One day, he decided that he was going to start making the bed. Even though he doesn’t do it quite like I would, I appreciate the effort he puts into making the bed every morning, something I did before.

Guys, get up a little earlier than your wife and make her a cup of coffee. Wash the dishes after dinner. Gas up her car each week. Open the door for her. These aren’t difficult things. They’re little habits that show your wife your love and care.

This isn’t just for the men. When it comes to marriage, especially for those who have been married a while, were all old dogs. It’s time to develop some new tricks that will have great benefits for our marriage.