Jay & Laura Laffoon
Strengthening married couples relationships through laughter, entertainment and Biblical truth.


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Jay & Laura encourage thousands of married couples every year ~ both online and in person!

“My sweet husband just turned the TV channel to my show and then handed me the remote. I asked if he was putting into practice some of the things we just learned at your conference. He said, ‘Here. Have some chocolate!’ Thank you, Jay & Laura!”
“The way Jay & Laura share from their own personal experiences is so genuine and real!”
Joe & Barb
“Jay & Laura are very encouraging. The fun and laughter we enjoyed mixed with the sound teaching is awesome.”
Dan & Pam
“We have had some major communication issues in the past several months and now I can actually SEE and FEEL the change beginning to take place!!! Thank you for everything you do for couples!”
“Three younger couples came and the men where a little apprehensive at first. After hearing Jay & Laura… and especially Jay for being much like them, they let down their guard and fully enjoyed every moment. Those three couples ‘thanked us’ time and again for being persistent in getting them to attend. They are telling everyone in our church how wonderful the weekend was.”
George Fish, Warsaw Community Event
“What a great way to bring churches together with one common goal – to encourage, uplift and support all marriages and to have a Christ-centered relationship.”
Dave & Diana, First Baptist Church Midland
“Jay & Laura bring a real sense of reality to marriages of all ages. It matters not if you’re newly wed or 30 years plus into marriage – they bring a sense of life and what it takes to maintain it into your marriage. They made a very profound statement that I don’t think many couples realize – ‘The focus should be on marriages not on families, if the marriage works then the family works.’”
Mike Way, Charlevoix Community Event
“Jay and Laura were awesome! We had a great experience with them from the moment they first walked in the door until it was time for them to go. They were pleasant, professional, appreciative, and approachable. They were great with all the volunteers and everyone enjoyed getting to know them. They made all the volunteers feel appreciated. Beyond that, the show was fantastic. Lots of fun, laughter, and memorable moments. There was also good, helpful content – not just all fluff and fun – that really gave couples something to go home and think about or work on. It was exactly what we hoped it would be – a fun night out for couples that also worked to strengthen and encourage marriages.”
Chris Jarrett, Cornerstone Baptist Church